Eye Cosmetics – Dramatic or Natural?

Eye Cosmetics for a Natural or Dramatic Look

Eye cosmeticsEye cosmetics can be a girl’s best friend (next to diamonds) if it is applied correctly. Find how your eyes can be made bigger and more dramatic for a new fantasy look through the right eye make up application techniques.

As a model portfolio photographer, I am constantly faced with girls coming in wearing either too much make up or not tuned in to the correct application.

These eye makeup tips will help you in determining some styles and colors to use for a natural or dramatic look.

Tips for Choosing Your Eye Makeup

As with any other product, eye cosmetics come in an array of colors and types. You can fill an entire vanity with nothing but eye makeup if you wanted to.

However, you might want to hone down your supply to a few simple items that offer the best results for the money. Figuring out which make up products to choose is a pretty simple chore if you apply a few simple rules.

The Eye Makeup Tools

First of all, you might want to invest in tools of the trade before spending too much on beauty products. A good eyelash curler offers wonderful results that you might be trying to find in false eyelashes. You want to keep your look as natural as possible for daytime so a simple tool like an eyelash curler will do wonders for your peepers.


Next, choose a couple of mascaras. This may sound contradictory but bear with me. Mascara is probably the most important product that you can buy for your eyes for a number of reasons. You can get away with wearing no other eye makeup if you choose a good mascara but you need different types for different occasions.

For example, these eye cosmetics come with a few different features that are suitable for different occasions. You can find a great, brown shade that is offered in lighter mascara for daytime, especially if you are going to be in bright light or outside. Black mascara in thicker, fuller material is best suited for night to give you a dramatic or exotic look.

Going Swimming? Waterproof Mascara is the Answer

Of course, waterproof mascara is a must for any lady who likes to engage in outdoor activities and doesn’t want to go out with a naked face. Others might not want to wear the waterproof stuff if they don’t have the right products to remove the makeup without doing damage to the delicate skin of eyelashes. Always remember that taking care of your skin is always more essential than covering it up.

Eyeliner and Eye Shadow

Other beauty product ideas include eyeliners and shadows. Eyeliner can be in liquid or pencil form. I like to use pencil and top the pencil layer off with a thin accent of liquid eyeliner. These work together for a dramatic look. If you want a wide-eye look; add a touch of white eyeliner on the inside bottom lids. This is an old theater and photography trick used to make eyes appear larger.

Shadows are very important because they offer depth and mystery to your overall look, a bit of fantasy if you will.

Steer away from colors that match your iris. This will just negate the color of your eyes. Apply the best types for blue, hazel or brown eyes. You really want to use cosmetics that will best accentuate your natural beauty. After all, you’re not out to look like someone else unless you’re on your way to a modeling photo shoot or a part in a play.

Take your eye make up application techniques seriously and your eyes will take care of you. You want people to notice you but how they look at your eyes depends much on how you wear your eye cosmetics products. Practice and learn and you’ll discover a true beauty that lies within you.

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