Quick Tips for Eye Make Up – Secret to Sexy Eyes

tips for eye make upYour eyes are already dreamy but why not make them even sexier? These quick & easy tips for eye make up will help you look even more tantalizing.

Eye make up is a mystery to many girls but these tips will help.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a teenager in modeling or a woman headed out for an evening of fun.

Your fantasy awaits so do you go dramatic or natural?


Quick Tips for Eye Make Up – Apply Makeup to Give Your Eyes an Exotic Look

Neutral shades like brown or beige look natural. Brighter shades like blue and green look dramatic and artificial.

On mature skin and puffy eyelids, avoid using iridescent, frosted, light colors and white eye shadows and opt for soft matte colors instead.

Only use cream eye shadows that do not cause creasing upon application and these should be coordinated with powder shadows that are to be used on top of them.

They should be applied using fingertips. Sweep a light or medium-tone shade on the lid and slightly darker one above the eye crease to downplay the brow bone.

Applying Eyeliner the Right Way for Effect

Eyeliner should be thick in the middle of the eye and tapering at both ends. Add light highlighter to brow bone.

To add definition to your eyelids, apply a medium-toned shade across the lid and brow bone and dust the under brow area with a light highlighter shade. Use a very fine pencil liner of natural color to line the upper and lower lash lines.

Shake, Shimmer & Roll!

To glamorize eyes for a night out on the town, add shimmer to highlight your eyes. To lift up tired eyes extend the color from the outer corner of the lid upwards to give them a feline shape.

A light highlighter on the brow bone without the eyeliner brightens up the eyes. Concentrate mascara on the inner corner of the eye.

Get That “Big Eyes” Effect with Make Up

To make your eyes look wider apart, keep the inside corners of the eyes lighter than the outer edges. Apply concealer one shade lighter than your skin at the inner corner of the lids and the sides of your nose and blend it well.

Use a matte medium to dark eyeshadow and stroke it outward and slightly upward from middle of the lid to its outer half. Use the eyeliner a bit in from the inner corner of the eye and make the line tapering up and out a bit past the outer corner of the eyes.

Take these eye make up tips and use them for more beautiful eyes

It’s always a joy for any woman to dress up in a nice outfit, get their hair done and apply their make up right. When it all comes together, she’ll look and feel her best. A part of beauty is feeling good on the inside too!

If you’ve dreamed of having those fantasy eyes then I hope these tips for eye makeup will help you get the look you want. Taking a chance and doing a bit of dramatic eye make up application will give you a unique and bold look no matter if your color is blue, hazel or brown.

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